Fence Styles

All Around Fence uses only quality fencing materials that are durable and last for years.

The fence styles listed on this site are the most common fences we build. We can incorporate different options into our fence styles to give our client the perfect look. If you do not find what you are looking for here, we would be happy to hear your ideas. We can match most fences so if you see one you like in your neighborhood, we will drive by and take a look.  Schematics are available upon request.

Standard Estate Style
The Standard Estate Fence is a basic style of fence that offers the client the best bang for their buck. The framing can be seen on the interior side of the fence while the exterior side appears smooth between the posts.
Full Panel Style
The Full Panel Fence is also known as the “Good Neighbor Fence” because both sides are visually the same. It offers a trim piece along the top to give the fence a finished look. The bottom frame piece and trim is located above the ground.
Picture Frame Style
The Picture Frame Fence offers both top and bottom trim. The bottom frame and trim piece run along the ground to create the “picture frame” appearance. Similar to the Full Panel Fence, the Picture Frame Fence provides visual appeal to both sides.
Lattice Top Style
The Lattice Top Fence has lattice running along the top portion of the fence. The lattice can be diagonal or horizontal depending on the client’s taste. The lattice is designed to give the fence a decorative finish.
Kirkland Style
The Kirkland Fence was designed to give our client’s an alternative to the lattice. It provides extra structural support while incorporating a simple design element.
Chain Link Styles
There are many varieties of chain link fencing. The basic chain link system is made of galvanized (grey) materials and can have a tension wire along the top and bottom edges. Options are available to add rail along the top or bottom to give the fence more support and to protect the bottom chain link fabric against animals and garden equipment. Chain link is also available in color applications to blend in with most landscapes.

Custom Fence Applications
Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our showcase for other custom fence photos. Let us hear your ideas!