Agricultural Fences

Split Rail

This rustic option is great for wetlands or other environmentally fragile areas.  The posts are not set in concrete unless requested; they are simply driven into the ground.  This fence gets its name from the posts being “split” by the rails as they sit inside the post.

Hog Panel/ High 5

Originally used for smaller livestock, this is a very popular option for dog runs. Also known as ‘High 5’ because the maximum height is 5 feet. That can be extended by a decorative top rail if you desire a 6 foot fence. Hog panel wire is made with 4×4 inch square openings.

No Climb

No Climb fence is made with 2×4 inch wire that flexes to prevent climbing and injuries to animals. This wire is available in a 6-foot tall option. This is most commonly used for horses since they cannot fit their legs or hooves through the fence.

2, 3, 4 Rail

This classic style comes in wood and vinyl, and in your choice of how many rails. It is a very clean and stylish fence, allowing lots of visibility. The more rails, the taller the fence. It creates a very pleasant boundary to any property.

Cattle Fence

Cattle fencing varies- either using woven wire, barbed wire, or both. This fence blends in very well with the landscape while maintaining a distinct boundary for animals.

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